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First Light - Fallacy Fantasy

From the site DJ Booth...

Opio and Pep Love of the famed Hieroglyphics hip hop collective have joined forces to form First Love, a duo that's determined to illuminate hip-hop's darkest corners with their brand new album, Fallacy Fantasy

On the 15-track project producer Unjust (of the Chosen Few) picks up most of the beat work, while Pep and Opio are joined on the mic by their Hiero family Del The Funky Homosapien, Casual, A-Plus and many more guests. Setting off the album is is lead single Los Lobos



Illogic & Blockhead - Poster Boy

Hip hop is essentially poetry over repetative music; however not all rappers are poets.  Enter Illogic, an MC from Columbus Ohio who cut his teeth coming up as a friend of the Definitive Jux camp. More a master of the English language than rapper, Illogic is a true poet weaving words and messages in to a multi-syllable complex flow that takes at least three listens to fully understand. In 2012 he teamed up with prolific producer Blockhead, best known for his early collaboration with Aesop Rock, and has created yet another example of true wordsmith. 


Pretty Lights - Around My Block ft. Talib Kweli

Pretty Lights is set to release his latest album A Color Map of the Sun which is available for presale on his site. In celebration of the soulful beat maker we are sharing the video for his single off the album. Featuring Talib Kweli, Pretty Lights shows that he may be moving towards making beats for MCs. One could only dream.

Hey while we're at it let's watch a sneak peak of the making of the groundbreaking album.


Daft Punk: Random Access Memory Documentary

Recorded partially in Chicago, Daft Punk's eagerly anticipated 2013 release, Random Access Memory, is sure to be THE dance record for the year.  Get a jump on the house music heads by watching these behind the scenes looks at the collaborators that have contributed to the album


Major Lazer Strikes Back Vol. 4

Our favorite white rastafarians are back at it with this free, wonderful mix that just keeps on giving.  Enjoy.



Pui Pui Beat Tape (Vol. 1)


Producer Kenlo Craqnuques keeps up a crazy pace of musical releases. Prolific is his catalog, many folks compare him to a Madlib, the orginal beat conducta. It's exciting to see “Forêt Boréale Mixte” finally come out, because he's blessed listeners with a taste of what's to come on the website Music is My Sanctuary's MIMS Radio Show.

This is his first solo project from him since 2012 “Turquoise“. Enjoy.


Jason Myles Goss - The Contender

All Photos By Mike Sosin

Considering Jason Myles Goss' Radio Dial has been on such heavy rotation for me in the last few months, it's almost criminal that I've waited this long to feature him. In my defense, I was waiting for the video for the stand-out track "Black Lights." Premiering a couple weeks back on Paste, the gritty street-fighting tale was actually shot here in Chicago. 

Radio Dial, which was released last summer is slowly gaining steam as more people continue to discover the New York based singer-songwriter. The album certainly benefits from the contribution of several members of Josh Ritter's band, but it's Goss' writing and straightforward, earnest vocals that steal the show. His folk leaning pop channels greats like Mark Knopfler at times.  

I had the very distinct pleasure to spend some time with Jason recently when he opened up for Edie Carey at SPACE. Goss was lucky to be there, having battled the last snowstorm of the year to barely make the gig. Ever the professional, he put on a performance worthy of a headliner. If you miss his Uncommon Ground show on 6/30, chances are you're going to see him in a much less intimate setting upon his next visit. Goss is battling his way through the ranks towards that championship belt. 

More photos after the jump...

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Mike Luck - Cityscape

Mike Luck is a Norwegian new comer to the electronica / down tempo scene. Enlisting the artistic expertise of artist Maxmana, the two were able to create this wonderful auditory and visual escape. Listen and download at no money down here.

Mike Luck - Cityscape from maxmana on Vimeo.



Zach Hurd - “She Never Sleeps” 

Zach Hurd | PASTE Magazine from Swoon NYC on Vimeo.


Making his Paste Magazine premier. For a limited time, the song is also available for free download on his Soundcloud


Röyksopp - Junior

Norwegian electronic music duo Röyksopp have been making music together since 1998 and have seen international success in music licensing and touring.  Junior is their third studio album, realeased in 2009.  Most people know of the group and this album, but it's always fun to rediscover a great classic.  Take a listen below and then head to their website to purchase the album.


1."Happy Up Here" 0:00 
2."The Girl and the Robot" 02:42
3."Vision One" 07:11
4."This Must Be It" 12:12
5."Röyksopp Forever" 17:55 
6."Miss It So Much" 21:53
7."Tricky Tricky" 26:40
8."You Don't Have a Clue" 32:54
9."Silver Cruiser" 37:26
10."True to Life" 42:04
11."It's What I Want" 47:54



Watch: Junip - "Your Life Your Call"

Great track, er... interesting video. Junip's self-titled LP is due out 4/23 on Mute


Fuse TV Crate Diggers Series


Peanut Butter Wolf, Jermaine Dupri, J Dilla, J Rocc, DJ Muggs....the list goes on. All have opened their vaults to Fuse to share their impressive and sometime ridiculous record collections. To vinyl nerds, these videos are porno.


Sera Cahoone - "Worry All Your Life" Live on KEXP

This video is not so new, however, the luster has not faded with a few months age. 


Photo: Lee Fields & The Expressions, Lady - Lincoln Hall 3/28/13

All Photos by Mike Sosin

Lee Fields was having a rough time on Friday night at Lincoln Hall. 20 minutes into his performance, his voice began to leave him. After several attempts to keep the show going, he announced that he needed to take a break and then never returned. Despite the brevity of his performance, he still wowed the crowd. His departure from the stage left fans feeling sympathetic rather than angry. Here's hoping he's on the mend so he can once again perform with the zeal we've become accustomed to.

More photos after the jump. 

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Lord Finesse Presents Premier and Biggie


Lord Finesse mixing all DJ Premier beats with all Biggie lyrics.  Yup, perfect.

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